Tuesday 10 May 2011

first images of FluffyCraft for Android and iPhone

FluffyCraft is the first game for Android and iPhone to be released by Gameccino this month year.
What is FluffyCraft? It is a physic based puzzle featuring our little fluffy tribe. The goal is to recombine some elements in the environment and help every Fluffy to reach its home.

More details, info, release date, video and screen to be released soon but in the meantime enjoy these early pics.

FluffyCraft is planned to be released first on Android and iPhone and then on other platforms like iPad or tablets and on the Mac AppStore.


  1. complimenti... non vedo l'ora di giocarci ;)

  2. FluffyCraft screenshots seems to be really promising, I really like the graphic style and the main character..he is so cute!

    Good luck with your new project Alfio!

    Francesco Guastella

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