Tuesday 17 January 2012

FluffyCraft iOS, press release

After bouncing a lot on the Android phones the little fluffy tribe lands and starts bouncing on iPad and iPhone. Starting from today FluffyCraft is available on the App Store for less than a dollar (or £0.69 or €0.79) and can be downloaded here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/fluffycraft/id487967320
FluffyCraft on the iPhone and iPad features 27 challenging and hi-quality levels and supports GameCenter.

Bring the cute fluffy tribe togheter again, catch the rascals!

What is FluffyCraft?

FluffyCraft is a physics based puzzle game, where your job is to recombine elements and tools on the screen and rebouncing rescue the little fluffies hidden on the screen using your brain, the gravity, the various rebouncers, teleports, blocks and all the fixed on screen elements and platforms.
With 27 levels of increasing difficulty it's the puzzle game you're looking for: perfect on a smartphone (Android and iPhone) simply wonderful on your iPad or Tablet.
Easy and intuitive with its touch and drag and drop interface, fun to play, colorful and challenging.

The game is available on the App Store  and on the Android Market

Platforms: iOS, Android, (experimental) Flash
Genre: Puzzle Game
Game Trailer:
Game WebSite: http://www.fluffycraft.com

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Thursday 5 January 2012

Educational App "Necropoli Etrusca di Sovana"

Has been just released on the appstore the iPhone and iPad app we made for and with Arkematica and Regione Toscana.
It is a beautiful GPS navigable 3D reconstruction of the Sovana's etrurian archeological site with augmented reality elements and full use of the iPhone/iPad gyroscopes. Free on the appstore for all the history lovers.