Wednesday 4 April 2012

a poor indie game dev Kinect frustration

I recently gave a speech for the Microsoft's "Start Something! Tour" about Kinect and its power. Well, as you imagine there was a LOT of interests and excitation around this revolutionary tech. Shouldn't be surprising the fact that at the end of the session one of the most recurrent questions was: "May I develop Windows or Xbox indie games using this tech?"
My answer: "No."

And because I showed some screens my latest Xbox indie game called MINER4EVER  someone asked me: "May I play it with the Kinect? Would be cool!"

Short answer: "No, damn  it! I'm a poor little indie dev, I'm not allowed using this tech to make my games!"
(note: short because I deleted all the swearing...)

I confess, I'm a little indie game dev, I do Xbox Live Indie Games, iOS and Android games (and I did a WP7 game as well) and hopefully PC indie games. I woud like to develop indie Kinect games as well.
Kinect is a powerful tech, with lots of possibilities, but for some reason Microsoft relegates its gaming power to the Xbox and only for the main stream, indies are not allowed to use Kinect on the Xbox...

The fact I can use the Kinect SDK to develop "commercial" apps on PC using Kinect for Windows is frustrating, not because I'm forced to buy a Kinect for Windows device that isn't that big issue but because who would like to eventually play my PC Kinect games is forced to buy a Kinect for Windows device despite the fact he/she have an Xbox Kinect. (On a side note: I'm not sure I can even release Kinect games that make use of the Kinect for Windows)

Kinect would conquer the gaming world in six months if only they allow indie to make Kinect games (on PC and Xbox) using a regular Kinect!

Well, I can't do anything to change the actual state of the things but I can still cry out all my frustration and wait for Microsoft to open this tech or other manufacturers to make a similar tech.

With regards,
a little indie dev

where do I find Miner4Ever?

[from the Miner4Ever blog]
Good morning miners!
Lots are asking me where Miner4Ever can be found.
M4E is an Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) and can be found on you Xbox just Binging MINER4EVER or if you're even more lazy than me just follow this Link

Other useful links:
the Facebook page where to meet the growing miners community:
official M4E blog:
the official twitter: @miner_4_ever
the developer twitter: @runningpixel

and for a good start with Miner4Ever enjoy this video: