Sunday 11 March 2012

Press Release: Miner4Ever

The indie developer Gameccino, also known in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel as Running Pixel, has released on Xbox Indies his latest game: MINER4EVER

Miner4Ever is a voxel style game that joins elements of games like Minecraft with the strategy elements of popular browser games like Ogame or Ikariam.
With this first release of M4E the gamer begins building its own empire competing with other miners for the supremacy. Mining, gathering resources, exploring and building structures will be your daily job.

Being the work of a single indie developer Miner4Ever is a work in progress game, all the sales will fund the planned future developments and much more.

Miner4Ever wants you miner, pick up a pickaxe and craft your empire today!

To get Miner4Ever just Bing Miner4Ever on your Xbox or download it from here:

Genre: Action/Strategy Multiplayer
Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games
Release Date: 3/10/2012
Price: 80 MSP ($1)

Miner4Ever development blog:
Miner4Ever official twitter: @miner_4_ever
Facebook page:

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