Thursday 15 September 2011

FluffyCraft | Official Trailer

FluffyCraft released on Android!

Ok, I have a lot of material to post for the release, so...

what is FluffyCraft?
In FluffyCraft you’ve got to place and move objects in order to bring the cute fluffy tribe together again.
FluffyCraft features challenging physics-based puzzles and hours of replay value.
Solve the puzzles and get the little fluffies home!
New levels each week for a never-ending fun!
and most important is free to play!

grab your free copy here HERE

Sunday 4 September 2011

FluffyCraft | early footage

FluffyCraft is a physic based puzzle game to be released soon on Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad)
FluffyCraft is planned to be released this september on th Android marketplace and will be free to play with Ad.