Thursday 21 June 2012

AVATAR RANDOM CHAT | press release

I have been quite busy lately in doing updates to MINER4EVER lately and working on a ultrasecret mobile (iOS, Android) game. But because I think that good ideas have to be done fast... here's to you AVATAR RANDOM CHAT!


The multiplatform indie developer Gameccino, also known in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel as Running Pixel, has released on Xbox Indies its first social app: AVATAR RANDOM CHAT

AVATAR RANDOM CHAT is the first Xbox social app that pairs Xbox Live enabled strangers from around the world together for voice-based conversations. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection. It's like a chat roulette on your Xbox, easy and fun!

To get AVATAR RANDOM CHAT just Bing AVATAR RANDOM CHAT on your Xbox or download it from here:

Genre: Other
Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games
Release Date: 06/21/2012
Price: 80 MSP ($1)

official twitter: @runningpixel
Facebook page:

developer contact:
developer website:

it has been approved few hours ago so it should appear soon on every Xbox near you on the indie channel.

Wednesday 4 April 2012

a poor indie game dev Kinect frustration

I recently gave a speech for the Microsoft's "Start Something! Tour" about Kinect and its power. Well, as you imagine there was a LOT of interests and excitation around this revolutionary tech. Shouldn't be surprising the fact that at the end of the session one of the most recurrent questions was: "May I develop Windows or Xbox indie games using this tech?"
My answer: "No."

And because I showed some screens my latest Xbox indie game called MINER4EVER  someone asked me: "May I play it with the Kinect? Would be cool!"

Short answer: "No, damn  it! I'm a poor little indie dev, I'm not allowed using this tech to make my games!"
(note: short because I deleted all the swearing...)

I confess, I'm a little indie game dev, I do Xbox Live Indie Games, iOS and Android games (and I did a WP7 game as well) and hopefully PC indie games. I woud like to develop indie Kinect games as well.
Kinect is a powerful tech, with lots of possibilities, but for some reason Microsoft relegates its gaming power to the Xbox and only for the main stream, indies are not allowed to use Kinect on the Xbox...

The fact I can use the Kinect SDK to develop "commercial" apps on PC using Kinect for Windows is frustrating, not because I'm forced to buy a Kinect for Windows device that isn't that big issue but because who would like to eventually play my PC Kinect games is forced to buy a Kinect for Windows device despite the fact he/she have an Xbox Kinect. (On a side note: I'm not sure I can even release Kinect games that make use of the Kinect for Windows)

Kinect would conquer the gaming world in six months if only they allow indie to make Kinect games (on PC and Xbox) using a regular Kinect!

Well, I can't do anything to change the actual state of the things but I can still cry out all my frustration and wait for Microsoft to open this tech or other manufacturers to make a similar tech.

With regards,
a little indie dev

where do I find Miner4Ever?

[from the Miner4Ever blog]
Good morning miners!
Lots are asking me where Miner4Ever can be found.
M4E is an Xbox Live Indie Game (XBLIG) and can be found on you Xbox just Binging MINER4EVER or if you're even more lazy than me just follow this Link

Other useful links:
the Facebook page where to meet the growing miners community:
official M4E blog:
the official twitter: @miner_4_ever
the developer twitter: @runningpixel

and for a good start with Miner4Ever enjoy this video:

Sunday 11 March 2012

Press Release: Miner4Ever

The indie developer Gameccino, also known in the Xbox Live Indie Games channel as Running Pixel, has released on Xbox Indies his latest game: MINER4EVER

Miner4Ever is a voxel style game that joins elements of games like Minecraft with the strategy elements of popular browser games like Ogame or Ikariam.
With this first release of M4E the gamer begins building its own empire competing with other miners for the supremacy. Mining, gathering resources, exploring and building structures will be your daily job.

Being the work of a single indie developer Miner4Ever is a work in progress game, all the sales will fund the planned future developments and much more.

Miner4Ever wants you miner, pick up a pickaxe and craft your empire today!

To get Miner4Ever just Bing Miner4Ever on your Xbox or download it from here:

Genre: Action/Strategy Multiplayer
Platform: Xbox Live Indie Games
Release Date: 3/10/2012
Price: 80 MSP ($1)

Miner4Ever development blog:
Miner4Ever official twitter: @miner_4_ever
Facebook page:

developer contact:
developer website:

Tuesday 17 January 2012

FluffyCraft iOS, press release

After bouncing a lot on the Android phones the little fluffy tribe lands and starts bouncing on iPad and iPhone. Starting from today FluffyCraft is available on the App Store for less than a dollar (or £0.69 or €0.79) and can be downloaded here:
FluffyCraft on the iPhone and iPad features 27 challenging and hi-quality levels and supports GameCenter.

Bring the cute fluffy tribe togheter again, catch the rascals!

What is FluffyCraft?

FluffyCraft is a physics based puzzle game, where your job is to recombine elements and tools on the screen and rebouncing rescue the little fluffies hidden on the screen using your brain, the gravity, the various rebouncers, teleports, blocks and all the fixed on screen elements and platforms.
With 27 levels of increasing difficulty it's the puzzle game you're looking for: perfect on a smartphone (Android and iPhone) simply wonderful on your iPad or Tablet.
Easy and intuitive with its touch and drag and drop interface, fun to play, colorful and challenging.

The game is available on the App Store  and on the Android Market

Platforms: iOS, Android, (experimental) Flash
Genre: Puzzle Game
Game Trailer:
Game WebSite:

* Want to review FluffyCraft? Ask us for a code on *

About Gameccino:

 is a multiplatform game development studio with focus on mobile "touch" games founded in 2011 by two veterans in the mobile games (and indie console) development world, Alfio Lo Castro and Benedetta Sciacca.

Follow us on twitter and facebook for news and giveaways.

twitter: @gameccino

Thursday 5 January 2012

Educational App "Necropoli Etrusca di Sovana"

Has been just released on the appstore the iPhone and iPad app we made for and with Arkematica and Regione Toscana.
It is a beautiful GPS navigable 3D reconstruction of the Sovana's etrurian archeological site with augmented reality elements and full use of the iPhone/iPad gyroscopes. Free on the appstore for all the history lovers.