FluffyCraft, iOS and Android game

Catch the rascals, get them back to school!

FluffyCraft is a physics based puzzle game, where your job is to recombine elements and tools on the screen   and re-bouncing rescue the little fluffies hidden on the screen using your brain, the gravity, the various rebouncers, teleports, blocks and all the fixed on screen elements and platforms.
With 27 levels of increasing difficulty it's the puzzle game you're looking for: perfect on a smartphone (Android and iPhone) simply wonderful on your iPad or Tablet.
Easy and intuitive with its touch and drag and drop interface, fun to play, colorful and challenging.

On iPhone and iPad FluffyCraft features GameCenter. 

FluffyCraft Lite is available on the Android Market  for free (AD + 9 levels fully playable)
FluffyCraft is available on the Android Market  for about a $1 (or 0.79€) in the full version
FluffyCraft is available on the Apple App Store. It will support both iPad and iPhone and will be soon available for less than the usual dollar.

Available in Android Market

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